Do you accept all currencies?

Yes! All currencies are accepted at the current exchange rate.

Is '' on prints?

No, the watermark is shown on the display image only, not the physical product.

Stickers will display my social media handle @nelle.studios (when I remember to add it...)

Why do some stickers say ''?

Nelle Studios is End of the Pencil reincarnated. I am the artist behind both names.

The old website redirects to

Once these designs sell out, they will never be restocked.

When are new prints available?

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Where can I purchase an original?

I am happy to say that I now sell my originals in person AND through my online store.

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Color Disclaimer

I do my best to ensure that product photo colors are as true to life as possible. However, please allow for slight, inevitable variation between browsers, devices and screen settings. I cannot guarantee that the color you see on your monitor/device will accurately portray the true color of the product.

How do I take care of my new print / artwork?

Quality and archival materials are used to assure longevity of each print and they should last many years if properly cared for.


If you aren’t putting up your print right away, I recommend keeping it in the acid-free plastic sleeve it ships in until ready to hang. Store in an area away from UV light, moisture, airborne contaminants and high temperatures.

The cardboard packaging the print arrives in (flat or tube) is not suitable for long term storage. However, your print is safe while wrapped in the acid-free plastic sleeve that I have provided and should be fine for up to a few months in the packaging. *When you take the print out of the tube, please allow time for it to flatten under its own weight before framing.


Never use cleaning products or water as this could permanently damage the print.

Dust with a lint-free cloth. Be careful not to scuff or scratch the image side of the print.

Do not rub the surface of the image with your finger or fingernail as this could easily scratch the surface of the print.

If using compressed air, apply short bursts while keeping the nozzle at least 12" back from the face of the print.

Do not blow on your print as you may inadvertently deposit water droplets that can mark your print.


Avoid hanging in direct sunlight.

If you're handling or framing the print yourself, wash and dry hands thoroughly and avoid touching printed areas with hands and fingers. Or wear white cotton gloves which are lint-free and designed for handling art.

Hang your print away from areas where airborne grime, dust and pollutants which may cause discolouring.

Avoid hanging prints in areas with extreme fluctuations in moisture and temperature. Excessive fluctuations can negatively affect the state of your print.

Use a frame with good quality glass designed for fine art or photography prints and use acid-free archival matting if applicable.

If you have further care questions, please contact me and I will be happy to help!

What materials are used to ship orders?

Prints are put in acid free protective sleeves and shipped in rigid mailers or tubes depending on size.

Sticker orders are put into acid free protective sleeves and shipped in a standard kraft envelope.

Original paintings are sent in a cardboard box and padded with either foam or bubble wrap.

Do you ship internationally?

I try my best! If I don’t ship to your country, please contact me here and I’ll add you to my shipping zone. :)

Unfortunately there are times when some countries temporarily suspend international mail. Please be aware of suspensions prior to placing an order. If I am unable to mail an order to you, you will be contacted and refunded.

What is Sticker/Keychain mail?

Sticker/Keychain mail is a cost effective way to send out sticker and keychain orders.

Stickers and Keychains are send out in an envelope/small mailer with a stamp.

Large prints and originals cannot be shipped with this.